You can use this section to capture emails at your home page.

To add sections to home page of your site, Navigate to Shopify (Admin Panel -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Sections -> Add Section).

1. Select if the section is fullwidth, and if it has a gap.

2. Select Shopify as the newsletter type if you'd like to have the contacts added to your Shopify customers. This is what most users will use. Many newsletter apps automatically syncs the contacts with Shopify customers.

3. Select if customer needs to check a box to submit their email. Customize the section height.

4. Choose if the section has a background image or a color.

5. Edit the section colors. Overlay let's you add color over the background image. You can select the opacity.

6. Finally edit the newsletter section text. Use this to capture your customers' attention and make them subscribe.