To edit Theme Settings of your site, Navigate to Shopify (Admin Panel -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Theme Settings).

1. Open General Settings

2. Back To Top button is a small button with arrow that appears at bottom right corner of the site. Clicking it will take user back to the top of the current page.

3. Breadcrumb is the navigation bar under header.

4. Slider Scrollbar is a bar on mobile product sliders that shows the progress of how far you are on the slider.

5. From Top Border Settings you can enable the top border on specific places.

6. Enable Wishlist to show it on header, product page, search etc. Choose the Wishlist page. Learn here how to create it.

7. To learn how to customize swatches, check this article.

8. Enable Review to show review widget on product page, and review stars on other pages. Install Shopify's Reviews app here. You can install any other reviews app as well, but the placement has to be installed manually (like in every theme).

9. You can add your favicon here. Favicon is a small logo that shows in website tabs etc.