To edit Theme Settings of your site, Navigate to Shopify (Admin Panel -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Theme Settings).

1. Open Exit Pop Up

2. Enable Welcome Dialog Box enables the pop up (both newsletter and coupon).

3. Enabling Exit Pop up will open the pop up when user is intending to leave your site (scrolling up fast on mobile or moving cursor to top of the browser on desktop).

4. You can select from Newsletter or Coupon options. Newsletter pop up allows you to collect customer's email. You can ask your customer for their email, and in return give them a discount code for example. Coupon pop up offers the discount code right away. You can add a timer here to create urgency. The discount code can be copied by clicking copy button.

5. You can select if the pop up is shown on mobile or not.

6. Next you can customize the newsletter pop up. Edit the Heading, paragraph, checkbox url & if it uses background color or image. Select Shopify as the newsletter type if you'd like to have the contacts added to your Shopify customers. This is what most users will use. Many newsletter apps automatically syncs the contacts with Shopify customers.

7. Edit Coupon Pop Up settings below. Choose from similar settings as in the Newsletter. Add your Coupon Code here. Remember to create a Coupon code from your Shopify admin discounts section.

8. You can add a countdown timer to the Discount Pop Up. Choose if the countdown is evergreen or counts down to a real date.

9. Select which style to use for the timer.

10. If you are using a real time timer, set the date here.

11. Set the evergreen timer minutes here, and edit the colors.