This is the page where to show products inside a collection. You can easily customize this page to be perfect for your store. You can add filters, sidebar items, recently viewed and more, or keep it very simple with only the products.

1. Navigate to your collection page (you can use the pages dropdown selector).

2. Click on "Collection" under "Sections" .

3. Choose the "Sidebar Alignment". You can choose on which side the sidebar is, or if the page is fullwidth and it doesn't exist at all.

4. Select the top image banner for this page, or use only a color instead.

5. Choose how many products to show on one page. Buttons to open new pages will appear at the bottom if there are more products than this setting enables.

6. Recently Viewed Widget let's you show your customers products that they have viewed before. We recommend adding this to your site. You can choose if this widget is a slider, and how many slides to show on different devices. Write the widget title and select how many products to show.

7. Collection list widget is a widget in the sidebar that shows your collections.

8. Filter options widget let's you add filters on our site. Recommended for stores with large catalogs. Add colors, sizes, materials etc which your products uses, and then add them as tags on products that fit them. For example, add a tag "red" on a red shirt. Make sure the red is added here on the collection page. You can add as many tags on products as you'd like. You can add up to 8 different filters. If the one you'd like to add doesn't exist, you can change the filter name from your themes Language settings.

9. Product Widget let's you add products to the sidebar. Add the title, choose the product limit and select the collection.

10. You can add custom text & a link to the sidebar.