We have added lots of customization to the cart page, so that you can make it perfect for your store.

1. Navigate to your Cart Page (you can use the pages dropdown selector).

2. Click on "Cart" under "Sections". You can add an item to your cart so that you see the changes you do. Otherwise the cart page will let you know that your cart is empty.

3. Select the Cart Total Color. This is the price that will show over the checkout button, or on the sticky bar.

4. Select if you'd like to show the Sticky Checkout button, and on which devices.

5. Select if you'd like to add a countdown timer on your cart page. This is a great way to create urgency on your customers. Select if you'd like to actually clear the cart from items, or just show the timer. Add the time in minutes.

6. You can edit the Cart Page title here.

7. You can add a currency note under the checkout button that will let you know about your checkout's currency. The currency is added in the end. You can remove all the text from here to not show the box at all. You can instead use "Extra cart note" below to add any custom text without the currency.

8. You can enable Special Instructions box here, where your customers can write anything they like. This text will appear at your order details in Shopify.

9. You can add a Trust Badge here, or any other image.

10. You can enable Shipping Estimate widget. Your customers can fill in their Country, state & ZIP code to get shipping information. This uses the shipping settings you have added in Shopify settings, and will show the shipping method, price etc.

11. Lastly you can add product slider at the bottom of the page. This is a great way to show products before your customer moves to Checkout.