This is the page where to show blog posts from your blogs. Settings for "Blogs" & "Blog Posts" are almost identical, but you can customize them separately.

1. Navigate to your Blogs page (you can use the pages dropdown selector).

2. Click on "Blog" under "Sections" .

3. Select on which side the sidebar is, or fullwidth if you don't want to show it at all.

4. Select how many posts to show at once page. If there are more posts and this limit allows, buttons to select pages will appear at the bottom.

5. You can enable Recent Posts widget which will show at the sidebar.

6. You can enable Blog Tags widget which will show at the sidebar.

7. You can choose to show collections on the sidebar.

8. You can add custom content on the sidebar.

9. Enabling social widget let's you add a social media embed content on the sidebar. You can for example show your Facebook page at the sidebar with latest content, likes etc.